2014-July went to hospital with chest pains..good scare but nothing serious YET,                                                                                                  Aug- visit Ortho, referred to Bariatric surgeon                                                                                                                                                    Sept- Bariatric Surgery Education Seminar




Weight Loss

I knew I was overweight, but it was easier to make excuses, my job, the kids, my back, my knees…than to just admit I had issues I needed to address. I was an active child growing up on the mountains of Vt Skiing, hiking, biking, swimming, tennis I loved to do it all. Then came collage and the freshman 15, marriage, children, a job, divorce …a single working mom. By the time my granddaughters arrived 25 years had passed, my knees were so bad I couldn’t stand or walk for more than a few minutes at a time and I was always out of breath. I was almost 100 pounds overweight…😱

   So after many years of procrastination, I made the decision in late summer 2014 to have my knees replaced and went to visit my favorite orthopedic surgeon. I was totally dismayed when he agreed I needed the surgery but at the same time told me he was retiring and would have to refer me to another doctor. Saddened but determined I made an appoint with the doctor I was referred to at University Orthopedics, http://www.uopc.org. He agreed wholeheartedly that the time had come, surgery was necessary BUT, my weight was an issue and he wouldn’t do the surgery unless I lost weight. He could do it but said I would wear out the implants, and the long term outcome would not be successful. Wonderful! A doctor with integrity and another delay in the future. He did offer me some hope and yet again another referral. Advance Surgeons,  http://nygetfit.com. Work with them and come back in 6 months, he said, if you are making progress we can revisit your options.  Six months!!! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It felt like now that I was ready to make a change in my life,  roadblocks were being erected in front of me.
  Discouraged, but determined I walked over to Advance Surgeons, luckily located in the same building, so I didn’t have time to change my mind, to schedule my first appointment. Another roadblock…they won’t schedule an appointment until you attend an educational seminar and then you have to be accepted into the program. The next seminar was a couple of weeks away. 😦



Five years ago my life changed dramatically with the birth of my first grandchild Avery Belle. She was an absolute delight and I didn’t know it was possible to love anyone so much. Two years later Dylan Marie joined her cousin and again my heart was overflowing with love. Loving them and helping care for them helped me come to a realization that I had been suppressing for many, many years. I had let myself become extremely overweight leading to a variety of health issues. If I wanted to be there for them for the long haul, I needed to make some drastic changes in my life and needed to do it soon. This is the story of my change.